Our Coffee & Teas

We have a great selection of Coffee and Tea.

Any good Cafe has to serve great tea and coffee! We have tested many coffees and teas to ensure we give our customers exactly what we like to drink.

Our coffee beans are from Cafe Vinci – we use their best quality beans to deliver the most flavoursome and aromatic coffee available. It works really well with the milk we get from a local farm in Slaley, great tasting coffee, without being bitter. We are biased, but we think the combination produces the best coffee in Hexham!

We have two different providers for teas. Our house tea is from The Northumberland Tea Company, which is perfect for the water in Northumberland and again works well with the local milk we use. The Northumberland Tea Company was founded in 2013 by Bill and Helen Logan from Corbridge. 

For the more adventurous we offer a huge range of teas, from premium tea company, Teapigs. Teapigs offer a range of high quality teas, from Everyday Brew through to the more exotic, like: Lemon & Ginger, Jasmine Pearls, Lemongrass, and Chocolate Flake – drop by for a cuppa and make a selection from the wide menu.

Vinci Coffee

Caffe Vinci are truly proud of their achievement of introducing a brand of Italian roasted coffee beans that has taken the market by storm.

Working closely with one of the largest independent coffee roasters in Italy, we have created a blend that not only makes an espresso that is smooth and full of flavour, but also produces a perfect latte or cappuccino.

Northumberland Tea

Northumberland tea is sourced from producers who strive to improve the welfare of their workers and families.

We use crops from the best plantations in Kenya, Ceylon and Assam, picked at the perfect time to ensure great quality and taste.  The most prevalent tea is 60% Kenyan, followed by 30-35% Assam, with about 5-10% Ceylon.